PARAΔIGM 2.0 is a media experiment portfolio.

What is PARAΔIGM 2.0?

Explore. Experiment. Create. Discover. This is a site that features exploration, experimentation, creative problem-solving and discovery in media as it relates to the advancement of a healthier society and positive behavior change. It was created to chronicle the projects currently being undertaken by Stanford senior media designer Emi Kolawole as part of a two-year project centered around media experiments. This is the portfolio for those experiments.

Who is Emi?

I read, write & edit. Over a decade of experience in and around media led me to one conclusion: media is not changing fast enough -- not in the ways it should at least. There are new gadgets, tools and methods for conveying information, more than there have ever been in human history. Yet many of the same stereotypes continue to be put forward and media tools offer people the opportunity to better hide bigotry, sexism and abuse even as others provide the opportunity to shed greater light on these things. The question at the center of my work now is this: how can we use design thinking to create media that advances a more fair and healthy society in which individuals feel truly worthy and that compels people to engage in positive behavior change?

What can I expect from PARAΔIGM 2.0?

Expect nothing ... but be prepared for anything. Expectations are devious little things. So, don't expect anything, but be prepared for anything. 

This is interesting. How do I get involved?

Part of a larger whole... This is part of a much larger whole. That whole is the Media Experiments Project at the Stanford, where I work. This site is not a full representation of the entire project. This is merely a slice -- my slice -- of that work. It's my little laboratory and even unto itself my experiment. So, check out the full project being conducted at the in collaboration with Knight Foundation.