How might we design media that changes culture and behaviors to grow and support a society in which everyone feels valued and truly worthy?

Welcome to PARAΔIGM 2.0.

PARA∆IGM 2.0 is the project portfolio of Emi Kolawole during her time as a senior media designer at the Stanford The portfolio is focused on bringing human-centered design and media expertise to collaborations that enhance creativity, reduce bias and support healthier living. The project was completed in August 2016 and is no longer active. Emi is currently the founder of Dexign LLC



Designing for Worldview

"Designing for Worldview" is a workshop developed in collaboration with Amy Lazarus of Inclusion Ventures. The purpose of the workshop is to marry the creative problem-solving techniques of human-centered design with an awareness of and opportunity to counteract unconscious bias. LEARN MORE >

The Empathy Pathfinder

The Empathy Pathfinder is a worksheet to help those applying human-centered design methods prepare for an empathic engagement by making them aware of the opportunity for an exchange of learning and the benefits available for both interviewee and interviewer. LEARN MORE > 

Dating, Diet & Sleep

This was a pop-up class taught in early 2016 at the Stanford The course focused on helping students develop empathetic connections through difficult conversations around sensitive issues, including race, achievement and personal health. READ ABOUT THE CLASS > 


Creative Codex

A logbook for guided self-discovery developed for those interested in exploring their creative practice and potential on their own. This was a collaboration with the design firm Open and the Media Experiments Team with creative direction by Creative Director Scott Doorley. The Creative Codex was unveiled at SXSW Interactive 2016.



The Washington Post: Prejudice & Online Dating

This project involved writing a piece of thought leadership on the consequences of racial bias in online dating. It also proffered a proposal for an empathy-based approach to designing online dating site experiences while calling for greater empathy among online daters overall. LEARN MORE > 

Creative Code

"Creative Code" is a workshop that guides individuals who are identified as or self-identify as creative through an examination of their creative practice, identifying the elements that make them uniquely creative, sharing those elements with others and leveraging them to help others improve their creative practice. LEARN MORE >



Media Experiments: 
Independent Study

An independent learning and teaching opportunity for experienced and product design students. The goal of the independent study was to lend focus to our process and underlying purpose through student experimentation. LEARN MORE >

Mindset #8: Active Inclusion

An analysis of the existing seven mindsets and the identification of a missing, eighth mindset -- one that calls for an awareness on the part of designers to practice inclusion in human-centered design process and method when working with people inside and outside of their design teams. LEARN MORE >